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Road construction
Public works
Hydraulic engineering / Water management
Urban water management
Waste management / remedation of contaminated sites
Urban planning
Project development
GIS - Geographic information systems
Project management

Be ahead by expert knowledge and expertise

The engineer in the prospect of economy, science and technology is taking part in the designing of the physical environment and to further progress. In this respect, interdisciplinary cooperation is becoming increasingly important.

A varied, up-to-date university education enables the engineer to see things in correlation. This yields a high responsibility for the society and public welfare. In addition there is the responsibility for the client and the colleagues/employees, following law and order as well as the necessity of being absolute reliable.

On the job, the behaviour according to market principles is secondary against an ethical attitude, which leads to a positive sustainable behaviour.

Heinrich - Beratende Ingenieure in Hamburg, Waiblingen und auf Zypern